New York, I Miss You

Central Park

This image is not the typical New York City photograph. It is one of part of central park which I think is absolutely gorgeous. As I previously mentioned in my article about how I am late nearly everywhere I have traveled to New York before. Twice, actually. The first time I do not remember as well, being that it was in 2001 and I was only 7. I recall parts of it though. I actually sat upon the twin towers only weeks before 9-11. In the bottom of them one of the original Krispy Kremes Doughnut Shop was located which we had eaten at. I also remember many homeless people, one of them my dad had been chased down by because the homeless man had felt intruded upon, and I also remember the couple of Broadway shows we were able to see there.  Beauty and the Beast amazed me. My second trip to New York, was full of wonder as well. It was last summer, the summer before my freshmen year. It was an adventure. I cannot imagine living so high-up and with little out-doors. But, I soon learned that Central Park is all of the outdoors anyone needs. We spent a few of our days lounging around talking long walks there. It is so serene and peaceful. It seems like a dream now. We had perfect weather, not how people would imagine the smoggy city air. Central Park is exactly how it is pictured in movies, absolutely wonderful and full of the most vibrant greens. It gives you that feeling inside that is also present on and around Easter. I know that at some point in my life I want to though just to have that experience. Everyone has heard the saying “the city that never sleeps.” But that is far more true that it seems real. We would be out at three in the morning because there was still so much to do and we just could not get enough of it. It is a whole different life then what I am now living in. I miss it dearly and cannot wait to go back. Once, I had been there for a week and began transitioning to that lifestyle it was hard to comeback to Oklahoma.


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  1. caroliza94 replied:

    Ashlyn, this post was wonderful!
    I got to experience New York a little while ago and it was absolutely amazing! The only downside to the trip was walking around the crammed city streets for what seems like hours, but is really only about 20 minutes. But other than the walking part, I found that New York isn’t all that people say it is.
    I was wondering what other places besides Central Park you visited and if any were as wonderful as Central Park. When I went, we got to see the Statue of Liberty and that was an incredible experience!

    • acolbert replied:

      In response to caroliza94: I am glad you liked my blog! You are right about the streets being far too crammed. It not only feels like hours dread on, but also that the temperature is around one thousand degrees. This could explain why I loved Central Park so much. I also saw the Statue of Liberty. It was quite an experience! I walked through Chinatown too. It seems even more stuffy there. I was not too fond of the smell. It is so interesting to be able to walk around a corner and be in a completely different culture. That is the essence of New York City. Anything a person wants he or she can get there- usually even a block of it. This makes New York City even more fun. Thank you for your input, acolbert

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