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proof of my concept from the blog “Reaching Ideal”

I found a letter from a friend of mine to me.

It stormed like an INSANE amount here today! Wind, rin, hail, the WHOLE bit! At one point, the wind was so strong that it was raining horizontally! So, I’m driving after the storm moves through and I’m lookin around, and I realize how stinking BEAUTIFUL everything is!! The sun is setting below the clouds in the west and the storm is rumbling on into the east to threaten another place with its fierce thunder and glorious lightning. And here I am, driving nrthbound on I-35, trying to capture the images with my phone, no doubt endangering the life of not only myself but anyone else on the roadway. Right then, I realized how incredibly AWESOME God is!! Have you ever noticed, how aftera storm, the colors are a million times more brilliant? The blues are bluer, the greens are greener, and everything just has this wonderful glow? I stinkin love it!! Especially in the evening because the contrast of the lighting is so beautiful as the sun sinks into the western horizon. The world only glows with that kind of beauty RIGHT AFTER a storm. So here I am, trying to admire the beauty but capture it… I RAN to the bromide lookout to take pictures. So I sat there to think and admire the earth, or catch me breath, whatever. Thats when I realized the storm and beauty afterwards, that’s EXACTLY how life is. We go through these incredible struggles that are like storms, frightening and beating down on us, but once the storm passes, the sun shines and makes all the living things glow. It’s BEAUTIFUL. You know what’s even more amazing? Above the storm clouds, the sun is shining. The sun never stops shining. Just like God’s love, and desire for us never stops. Even though the storms come, they don’t last forever, just like our struggles. I hope you always see the beauty around you!

I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. ♥Psalm 139:14

I think this letter is amazing! It really touched me. And finding it made my day! (I  love finding things. Like pages from a journal from when I was a kid. Or money in pockets… It’s the best!) Besides the point that she makes, it also tells me that travelling can show things to people that they would not see otherwise see. These sights teach lessons which brings you back to “Reaching Ideal.”

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Lately, my life has been average. Far from normal. But, average.

I wake up. Go to school. Do not want to be at school. Leave school relieved. I have had a few better than average days recently. A scale of my day:

+25 an exploration of the world

+24 enjoying the small things (in life and the blog)

+23 giving

+22 a laugh

+21 kids (love ’em, love ’em, love ’em)

+20 love (with a lower case L)

+19 a beautiful day (one of those things only Oklahomans are grateful for)

+18 a fun time (anyone counts)

+17 the outdoors (makes ya feel gud)

+16 a beach

+15 a barnes and noble (I’m a nerd?)

+14 a rainy day (yes, I consider rain nice weather)

+13 a PEG TEA (or any hot teas)

+12 a run (preferably outdoors)

+11 a trip to Cuppie’s and Joe’s (every Saturday night)

+10 at least one Starbuck’s (of course)

+9 not obliged to reading Great Expectations (Charles Dickens… enough said)

+8 able to go to bed at a decent hour (don’t judge. I just like my sleep, which I rarely get)

+7 a good song

+6 have at least enough time in the morning to look in the mirror (I cannot hear alarm clocks)

+5 some sort of baking or cooking in there (I just like to)

+5 little to no homework (obvious)

+5 getting dressed up (it’s not for everyone)

+5 chocolate (duh)

+5 a long talk

+5 oatmeal (it makes everything better)

+5 an interesting text (that make me laugh)

+5 an ice cream (WITH the cone, for all of you cuppers)

+5 an ALL nighter is good too

+5 a swim (in the sunshinnee and better yet with huge waves)

This page is no longer blank.

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I LOVE Time Traveling.

show off...

Does that make me sound like a genius scientist?

The Truth is… you have time traveled before. We are all time traveling right now.

Yes, we are all traveling through time. Experiencing the differences from one second to the next.

In other words, I LOVE living. It is amazing. I want to live forever, but I know that my life after death is going to be even more amazing. So, I have got something to look forward to for the rest of this time traveling session: my final destination, my Heaven of my God. I can’t wait. The best part about it: I am a little scared.

What’s Crackalackin?

And I am just throwing this out there, I am going to Belize on a school-related mission trip(I wrote about this on a previous blog). Because it is a mission trip, we will need funding to help in our project. If anyone is willing to donate anything, I said “anything.” Please do. I, and all of us related to this project, wants to help as much as possible. Help us bring the people of Belize farther.

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Honey, I’m coming home

Home, let me go home. Home is whenever I’m with you.

When home, wherever that is to you, whether it is with a certain person or in a a certain place, traveling is just as possible as taking a plane to an exotic destination.

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Lately, I have been following a blog, To say the least, it is about a mother’s love for her daughters. I started reading when the mother was telling about her journey through realizing her newborn had down syndrome. At first, she was overwhelmed. But soon after, she found a love far greater then she could have ever imagined. You may be wondering what this has to do with travel. It is a different kind of travel. It is a journey through life. A journey to reach a final and greater destination. Some of my other posts have already shown this. So I am not at all saying that everyone would enjoy the enrichment in this blog, but I am recommending for all to read at least the post covering the mother’s first thoughts when her child entered this world.

I have been reading the book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It is an incredible story. The author, Donald Miller, is a writer. He is always creating stories, technically lies. He writes his book about himself, a man who is trying to make his journey memorable. He realizes that for much of his time he has been wasting away, just waiting. Donald finally figures out that he has the power to create his very own story and make it happen. Donald now spends his time inspiring people to create their own story and live. Whenever I pick it up, I am unable to set it down. I would recommend this book to all, especially to those who need a little inspiration. It could give anyone the power to change the world.

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Coral Reef
Underwater is beautiful, right? The colors are brilliant. To me, it is weird that things can live in it. This spring break I am  actually traveling to Belize. To tell you the truth, the only thing I know about this place is that it is in Central America. I am very excited! I have never been out of America(if you include Canada and Mexico). We are planned to do all kinds of community service and cultural experiences. We will learn about global impact. Belize has been hit very hard by climate change. The experience we have down there is supposed to be life changing. I am expecting this from it too.

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Reaching “Ideal”

I live off spur of the moment decisions. It was how I was raised and I think it is all I know- or want to know. Indeed, they usually result in being unprepared, late, etc. More than that, they result in experiences more enriching than would have been if planned(if they ever could/would have been planned).  I love the feeling of being cultured. I am not, right now, even close to being a person I would consider cultured. These spur of the moment ideas bring me closer to this ideal state. Each decision is an opportunity for me to grow.

Some people cannot see anything other then their own lives. But really, their own lives are nothing, until they start to live through this world. It is beautiful. I hope everyone has the chance to be amazed by it.

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