Reaching “Ideal”

I live off spur of the moment decisions. It was how I was raised and I think it is all I know- or want to know. Indeed, they usually result in being unprepared, late, etc. More than that, they result in experiences more enriching than would have been if planned(if they ever could/would have been planned).  I love the feeling of being cultured. I am not, right now, even close to being a person I would consider cultured. These spur of the moment ideas bring me closer to this ideal state. Each decision is an opportunity for me to grow.

Some people cannot see anything other then their own lives. But really, their own lives are nothing, until they start to live through this world. It is beautiful. I hope everyone has the chance to be amazed by it.


February 3, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. chargers93 replied:

    Awesome viewpoint. I’ve never thought about how our travel can truly affect WHO we are. You’re on to something there…

    • acolbert replied:

      Catching on to something is exactly my goal, so thank you! I really do believe travel can affect who we are. Thank you for reading my blog, acolbert

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