Lately, my life has been average. Far from normal. But, average.

I wake up. Go to school. Do not want to be at school. Leave school relieved. I have had a few better than average days recently. A scale of my day:

+25 an exploration of the world

+24 enjoying the small things (in life and the blog)

+23 giving

+22 a laugh

+21 kids (love ’em, love ’em, love ’em)

+20 love (with a lower case L)

+19 a beautiful day (one of those things only Oklahomans are grateful for)

+18 a fun time (anyone counts)

+17 the outdoors (makes ya feel gud)

+16 a beach

+15 a barnes and noble (I’m a nerd?)

+14 a rainy day (yes, I consider rain nice weather)

+13 a PEG TEA (or any hot teas)

+12 a run (preferably outdoors)

+11 a trip to Cuppie’s and Joe’s (every Saturday night)

+10 at least one Starbuck’s (of course)

+9 not obliged to reading Great Expectations (Charles Dickens… enough said)

+8 able to go to bed at a decent hour (don’t judge. I just like my sleep, which I rarely get)

+7 a good song

+6 have at least enough time in the morning to look in the mirror (I cannot hear alarm clocks)

+5 some sort of baking or cooking in there (I just like to)

+5 little to no homework (obvious)

+5 getting dressed up (it’s not for everyone)

+5 chocolate (duh)

+5 a long talk

+5 oatmeal (it makes everything better)

+5 an interesting text (that make me laugh)

+5 an ice cream (WITH the cone, for all of you cuppers)

+5 an ALL nighter is good too

+5 a swim (in the sunshinnee and better yet with huge waves)

This page is no longer blank.


February 24, 2010. Uncategorized.

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