I LOVE Time Traveling.

show off...

Does that make me sound like a genius scientist?

The Truth is… you have time traveled before. We are all time traveling right now.

Yes, we are all traveling through time. Experiencing the differences from one second to the next.

In other words, I LOVE living. It is amazing. I want to live forever, but I know that my life after death is going to be even more amazing. So, I have got something to look forward to for the rest of this time traveling session: my final destination, my Heaven of my God. I can’t wait. The best part about it: I am a little scared.

What’s Crackalackin?

And I am just throwing this out there, I am going to Belize on a school-related mission trip(I wrote about this on a previous blog). Because it is a mission trip, we will need funding to help in our project. If anyone is willing to donate anything, I said “anything.” Please do. I, and all of us related to this project, wants to help as much as possible. Help us bring the people of Belize farther.


February 24, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. chargers93 replied:

    Awesome point about time traveling. I never thought of it that way. Maybe I’m already in what I would call my afterlife, but I’m experiencing time travel? Very philosophical…I think my head hurts now… 🙂

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