proof of my concept from the blog “Reaching Ideal”

I found a letter from a friend of mine to me.

It stormed like an INSANE amount here today! Wind, rin, hail, the WHOLE bit! At one point, the wind was so strong that it was raining horizontally! So, I’m driving after the storm moves through and I’m lookin around, and I realize how stinking BEAUTIFUL everything is!! The sun is setting below the clouds in the west and the storm is rumbling on into the east to threaten another place with its fierce thunder and glorious lightning. And here I am, driving nrthbound on I-35, trying to capture the images with my phone, no doubt endangering the life of not only myself but anyone else on the roadway. Right then, I realized how incredibly AWESOME God is!! Have you ever noticed, how aftera storm, the colors are a million times more brilliant? The blues are bluer, the greens are greener, and everything just has this wonderful glow? I stinkin love it!! Especially in the evening because the contrast of the lighting is so beautiful as the sun sinks into the western horizon. The world only glows with that kind of beauty RIGHT AFTER a storm. So here I am, trying to admire the beauty but capture it… I RAN to the bromide lookout to take pictures. So I sat there to think and admire the earth, or catch me breath, whatever. Thats when I realized the storm and beauty afterwards, that’s EXACTLY how life is. We go through these incredible struggles that are like storms, frightening and beating down on us, but once the storm passes, the sun shines and makes all the living things glow. It’s BEAUTIFUL. You know what’s even more amazing? Above the storm clouds, the sun is shining. The sun never stops shining. Just like God’s love, and desire for us never stops. Even though the storms come, they don’t last forever, just like our struggles. I hope you always see the beauty around you!

I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. ♥Psalm 139:14

I think this letter is amazing! It really touched me. And finding it made my day! (I  love finding things. Like pages from a journal from when I was a kid. Or money in pockets… It’s the best!) Besides the point that she makes, it also tells me that travelling can show things to people that they would not see otherwise see. These sights teach lessons which brings you back to “Reaching Ideal.”


February 26, 2010. Uncategorized.

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