Excerpts from my Belizean diary: So, off to the host families.

Day 2- We had planned on walking to to a nearby river, but we slept through that. Went to breakfast and ate pancakes and pineapple. Best hot cakes EVER. Spent a few frustrating minutes packing my back pack(which is considered a skill). Hiking. Then, lunch. and Here I am almost to my new family, driving the the forest and smelling the delicious forest air and I am loving it. I see poverty and it does not hurt so much as I thought. In this  poverty, I see happiness that I want.

Who knew hiking to Mayan ruins could be so much fun? It is actually kind  of mystical. Looking over the village, it is hard to imagine naked people doing things like sacrificing and carving into rock. It is surprisingly entertaining and the cool breeze is unbeatable after the trek. I am thinking how amazing it is, and how amazing this trip is. I have been here less than twenty-four hours.

We got to know our host family over a game of Uno. We had to teach them how to play first. We ate those r ice and beans that, down here, never get old.


March 22, 2010. Uncategorized.

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