Excerpts from my Belizean diary: This is a whole,

Day 5-new

world. I thought Monkey Bay Sanctuary was primitive. I thought wrong. There is no running water here. No electricity. I take these both so much for granted in the States. A warm, long, quiet bath. That would be nice if there was





But here, baths are not what matter. What matters is family and religion and survival. Here, they go to church three times a week to services that last over two hours. Here, they share beds and sleep in hammocks, so that I may sleep in their only bed. Here, they look out for each other. Here, siblings hold hands and show love towards one another. Here, they eat all three meals at home as a family. Here, there is so much love. The children do not let go of their grip. All they want is for someone to know their name and show them some love. We have been here for three nights and still have tonight to go. But, I do not want to leave them. I do not want to go.

Our last day with the kids. Woke up to armadillo meat breakfast. I love being a vegetarian. Those innocent little creatures.

I love these children and I feel they love us. They hang on to us like no other and I am loving it. We have made such a difference. We rebuilt a set of swings. The kids were so impatient to try them out. And a little one named Esther, she was mine. She was my little monkey. She teared up when I had to say bye.

We went to the Blue Hole right before as a treat for working so hard.

Those sweet kids will never leave my mind.

We had a barbecue. All of our families came. It was a lot of fun.

I am so sad to leave.


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