Excerpts from my Belizean diary: Today,

Day 7- is new, is good. Here I am. Call on me God. Make me listen with all I have. I think I just realized what a part to life is. I want to keep growing with nature. I do not want to go back to my very American lifestyle. I w ant to save my family from. I want to save as many people as possible.

People, just listen. If not to me, to your Earth. Simplicity is the answer. Nature is the way. Everything is connected and in sync. But human are imperfect and therefore mess everything up. We are the cause of the problem and the result is our own destruction. It is horrible and yet completely, completely real. It is desperately sad and yet I am completely glad, that this passion has enveloped me. I understand that this is a responsibility bigger than me, but with God I can help, with God. I am so selfish and at the same time I am not at all. I need so much help. Last night, I was told that if in fifty years all insects were to parish, all life would disappear. Now for the hard part, if in fifty years all  humans were to parish, the world would flourish to its full potential. This is an awful conclusion, but its our own fault.

We all know we are sinners. But we are sinners beyond repair.  God can change us. A tool: living in nature, with nature, respecting nature. Get it right. Nature is necessary. It is our mom. Love it. I do not care if you think Avatar is fraudulent, or if it is a concept which has been thrown  at you too many times. Watch it. It shows my point which I solely believe in. Right now, I feel closer to Mother Nature than I’ve ever felt and I am loving it. I am part of Mother NAture. I have yet to figure out the connection between God, Mother Nature, and me. I know that God is a part of me. God made Mother Nature and he also created me. I love them both. I am confused. But what does that mean? I usually am confused. I am so in love. With the ocean. With islands that take five minutes to walk around the circumference. With life. With poverty. With simplicity. With my feet. With air. With sand. With the breeze. With everything. I hate only one thing: sin. Especially the sin that destroys. Especially the that destroys this Earth, this mother nature, this mankind, and my God. So I ask, Please Lord help me, help all of us to savor your Earth and save it.


March 22, 2010. Uncategorized.

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