Excerpts from my Belizean diary: Woke up to a new concoction.

Day 4- At school, painted the library. I was as high as the farthest star in the sky. I went home for lunch to have some delicious fried bananas.

Story time: While at home, a little boy arrives on his bike with a machete and a full plastic shopping bag. My family tells me that it is “goats.” Ok, so we are having goat for dinner? No, “goats.” Ok? “Guts?” Yes, that’s gross. “Come look.” She pulls out a head. Yes, they were planning on eating the head. That begs the question, what animal was it? I gibnut, otherwise known as a royal rat. RAT. That little boy had just killed it with his machete.

Our group from my school went to a spring called the Blue Hole. It felt amazing. And this, this was our bath. I might say this is the best bath I have taken yet. And lucky us, I brought my organic, biodegradable shampoo. Life cannot get any better.

So, for dinner our group drove to Belmopan. I am thankful for this suggestion. I ate all of my french fries. They were so good. I don’t even care for french fries normally.


March 22, 2010. Uncategorized.

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