Excerpts from my Belizean diary: I stepped off the plane

Day 1- and walked over to an airport(if that’s what you’d call it). Our guide was waiting to take us to our first night’s accommodations, the Monkey Bay Sanctuary, EVERYONE needs to visit this place. It is located in the jungle. It exists upon itself. Everything is used for something. Rain water? Showers. Sunlight? Energy. Poop? Yes, feces. Cooking heat and later fertilizer. Trash? Fire. There is no heated water. The bedroom is about the size of a closet and four people are in this closet. It is not for everyone, but I could have stayed there for years. Our first evening’s agenda consisted of a night trip to the zoo, which was way more fun than I thought it would be. We  saw crazy animals people never see because they are nocturnal. I held a boa constrictor. I  now understand how they can strangle a human in seconds; they are so strong! The coolest thing about this zoo was that the animals were all either rescued or donated. Not to be mentioned, I took  a squat pee there. How many people get to do that at a zoo?! A resident of this zoo, the howler monkey, rightly earned its name. It sounds like a  dino, a big dino. So, it is now nine o’clock and I have seen very few vehicles other than the bus we are riding in. I learned that Sunday is very sacred to them and that most of the people were inside having Sunday dinner and enjoying family time. Before our trip to the zoo, we had actually participated in it by having the typical Belizean Sunday meal. It consists of rice, beans, potato salad, caramelized bananas, and bread pudding and I will add, it was delicious. By the end of the day, we slept in out bitty closet and slept well. The day was filled with laughter. Belize is filled with nice people and peace. And I am loving it.


March 22, 2010. Uncategorized.

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