As Winston Churchill once said, “Generosity is always wise.”

I agree with Winston.

To be generous is to give liberally and bestow favors heartily. A noble, forbearing spirit characterizes one who is generous. One must be selfless to be generous.

We all dream of winning a ten million dollar lottery, and we promise our Lord that if that happens we’ll give nine million dollars of it to the church. So, we all know that giving is the right thing to do.

Everyone has heard a variation of “The Christmas Carol.” Scrooge is a miserable, rich guy. Christmas Eve three ghosts pay him a visit. They remind him of his past and present. Then he is shown what his future will hold: stingy misery. He is filled with wisdom to transform himself into a generous, happy man. So, if selfishness leads to unhappiness, why would anyone take a path of egotism?

Maybe, the person traveling down that path is selfish because they feel their money or time is too valuable. But, the person headed down that path isn’t very wise. Referring to the Bible:

“And He sat down over against the treasury, and beheld how the multitude cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much.  And there came a poor widow, and she cast in two mites, which make a farthing.  And He called unto Him His disciples, and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, This poor widow cast in more than all they that are casting into the treasury: for they all did cast in of their superfluity; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living. (Mark 12-41-44)”

So, as Mark shows, being generous has nothing to do with the amount paid.  It has to do with the sacrifice given.

The essence of community service is generosity. It is wise that Heritage Hall encourages generosity through thirty-two required community service hours. Generous people are admired. As in our motto “to serve,” we can through the gift of giving.

Generosity is a virtue. It makes the world spend around easier. Giving is always welcome and in need. So, of course “generosity is wise.”


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I’m ashlyn… and I have been wanting to tell you something: it is spring.

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Three hours

of typing my Belizean diary to share with you. Tears at one point. Nausea at one point. But, I realize I learned a ton in one week. There is a lot missing from my story. To fill it in, go do it yourself.

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– Day 8/Final destination:

home, to my real home in Okiehoma

– Reason: mission accomplished

– Final product: growth

– Next mission: to save the world

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Excerpts from my Belizean diary: Today,

Day 7- is new, is good. Here I am. Call on me God. Make me listen with all I have. I think I just realized what a part to life is. I want to keep growing with nature. I do not want to go back to my very American lifestyle. I w ant to save my family from. I want to save as many people as possible.

People, just listen. If not to me, to your Earth. Simplicity is the answer. Nature is the way. Everything is connected and in sync. But human are imperfect and therefore mess everything up. We are the cause of the problem and the result is our own destruction. It is horrible and yet completely, completely real. It is desperately sad and yet I am completely glad, that this passion has enveloped me. I understand that this is a responsibility bigger than me, but with God I can help, with God. I am so selfish and at the same time I am not at all. I need so much help. Last night, I was told that if in fifty years all insects were to parish, all life would disappear. Now for the hard part, if in fifty years all  humans were to parish, the world would flourish to its full potential. This is an awful conclusion, but its our own fault.

We all know we are sinners. But we are sinners beyond repair.  God can change us. A tool: living in nature, with nature, respecting nature. Get it right. Nature is necessary. It is our mom. Love it. I do not care if you think Avatar is fraudulent, or if it is a concept which has been thrown  at you too many times. Watch it. It shows my point which I solely believe in. Right now, I feel closer to Mother Nature than I’ve ever felt and I am loving it. I am part of Mother NAture. I have yet to figure out the connection between God, Mother Nature, and me. I know that God is a part of me. God made Mother Nature and he also created me. I love them both. I am confused. But what does that mean? I usually am confused. I am so in love. With the ocean. With islands that take five minutes to walk around the circumference. With life. With poverty. With simplicity. With my feet. With air. With sand. With the breeze. With everything. I hate only one thing: sin. Especially the sin that destroys. Especially the that destroys this Earth, this mother nature, this mankind, and my God. So I ask, Please Lord help me, help all of us to savor your Earth and save it.

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Excerpts from my Belizean diary: Drove across the country,

Day 6- rode across the sea. Saw beauty. Fell in love. Slept to to the ocean breeze in its rhythm all night long.

The guilt is unimaginable. It gives me nausea. I am a horrible person.

My family cried when I left them today. I changed their life. It was too early for me to cry. But I cried later, trust me.

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Excerpts from my Belizean diary: This is a whole,

Day 5-new

world. I thought Monkey Bay Sanctuary was primitive. I thought wrong. There is no running water here. No electricity. I take these both so much for granted in the States. A warm, long, quiet bath. That would be nice if there was





But here, baths are not what matter. What matters is family and religion and survival. Here, they go to church three times a week to services that last over two hours. Here, they share beds and sleep in hammocks, so that I may sleep in their only bed. Here, they look out for each other. Here, siblings hold hands and show love towards one another. Here, they eat all three meals at home as a family. Here, there is so much love. The children do not let go of their grip. All they want is for someone to know their name and show them some love. We have been here for three nights and still have tonight to go. But, I do not want to leave them. I do not want to go.

Our last day with the kids. Woke up to armadillo meat breakfast. I love being a vegetarian. Those innocent little creatures.

I love these children and I feel they love us. They hang on to us like no other and I am loving it. We have made such a difference. We rebuilt a set of swings. The kids were so impatient to try them out. And a little one named Esther, she was mine. She was my little monkey. She teared up when I had to say bye.

We went to the Blue Hole right before as a treat for working so hard.

Those sweet kids will never leave my mind.

We had a barbecue. All of our families came. It was a lot of fun.

I am so sad to leave.

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Excerpts from my Belizean diary: Woke up to a new concoction.

Day 4- At school, painted the library. I was as high as the farthest star in the sky. I went home for lunch to have some delicious fried bananas.

Story time: While at home, a little boy arrives on his bike with a machete and a full plastic shopping bag. My family tells me that it is “goats.” Ok, so we are having goat for dinner? No, “goats.” Ok? “Guts?” Yes, that’s gross. “Come look.” She pulls out a head. Yes, they were planning on eating the head. That begs the question, what animal was it? I gibnut, otherwise known as a royal rat. RAT. That little boy had just killed it with his machete.

Our group from my school went to a spring called the Blue Hole. It felt amazing. And this, this was our bath. I might say this is the best bath I have taken yet. And lucky us, I brought my organic, biodegradable shampoo. Life cannot get any better.

So, for dinner our group drove to Belmopan. I am thankful for this suggestion. I ate all of my french fries. They were so good. I don’t even care for french fries normally.

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Excerpts from my Belizean diary: Ate a breakfast of fried jack’s.

Day 3- I played with the kids. Got to know many of them. I ate a soup for lunch, the unknown concoction. With homemade tortillas, of course. Then, painted chalkboards. I, then, inhaled the best Snickers bar of my life. And I feel like I have been here for longer than a day.

I have been thinking about the tremendous effort we have put in, but when we leave, what is to come of these small changes? That is why we need everyone. If you ever have the chance to go on any mission trip, anywhere, do it. It is life changing. I believe I might experience culture shock upon my return to the States. So, to continue my efforts, I have promised myself to send packages to my dear friends in Belize. They deserve it.  The way they are living is incredible. The women must be incredibly tough. It makes me feel horrible, to say the least.

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Excerpts from my Belizean diary: So, off to the host families.

Day 2- We had planned on walking to to a nearby river, but we slept through that. Went to breakfast and ate pancakes and pineapple. Best hot cakes EVER. Spent a few frustrating minutes packing my back pack(which is considered a skill). Hiking. Then, lunch. and Here I am almost to my new family, driving the the forest and smelling the delicious forest air and I am loving it. I see poverty and it does not hurt so much as I thought. In this  poverty, I see happiness that I want.

Who knew hiking to Mayan ruins could be so much fun? It is actually kind  of mystical. Looking over the village, it is hard to imagine naked people doing things like sacrificing and carving into rock. It is surprisingly entertaining and the cool breeze is unbeatable after the trek. I am thinking how amazing it is, and how amazing this trip is. I have been here less than twenty-four hours.

We got to know our host family over a game of Uno. We had to teach them how to play first. We ate those r ice and beans that, down here, never get old.

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